Build it for you and scratch your own itch. Worry about customers later.

Building a software product is hard, and trying to sell it is even harder. However, if you are a coder or designer you probably enjoy starting and building new projects. As a coder myself, every time I run across what I consider a good idea I immediately get a domain name and start mocking or even coding an application based on this idea. I usually do this because often is a chance to try new technologies, it can potentially solve a problem that I might be having and because it is fun!

When creating these applications, there’s always the thought about building something that not only helps me try out new technologies and scratch my own itch, but also something that can be interesting enough for others to use it. I know what you are thinking now… this is the wrong way of doing things and it goes against the idea that you need to prove your idea before you start coding, blah, blah, blah. You see, I still believe in the idea that if you build something that is useful for you, chances are that other people will find it useful as well.Sigue leyendo “Build it for you and scratch your own itch. Worry about customers later.”

Practice your pitch and find a co-founder!

Networking before the pitchesThe title of this post says it all. The next Austin Co-founders Meetup is on Tuesday October 11th from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

This meetup has the goal to bring entrepreneurs and techies together so they can work with each other in awesome Austin startups. Is not all techies and entrepreneurs, there are also angel investors, and people with skills in sales, marketing and business in general.

The format: 10 speaking slots available (3 minutes each) for startups looking for co-founders.

Please read these rules and contact the organizer if you have a startup and are looking for a co-founder.

If you are a software developer interested in joining a cool startup, you can attend for FREE. Just e-mail me or leave a comment below with a link to your LinkedIn profile or other evidence of your technical skills.

If you are a consultant looking to sell some services to young startups, you are in the wrong place.Sigue leyendo “Practice your pitch and find a co-founder!”

Startups: 5 things that you need to be doing!

If you are in Austin and you are an entrepreneur you are probably aware of the event that took place earlier this week, Capital Factory’s Demo Day. One of the event speakers was Bob Metcalfe and some of the points that he shared motivated me to write this blog post.

These are the 5 things that a startup needs to do to increase its chances of succeeding according to Bob Metcalfe, these are stay healthy, writing, speaking, sell and having a plan. The description under each one of them is my opinion about it, I hope you find it useful.Sigue leyendo “Startups: 5 things that you need to be doing!”

Are incubators and Angel money more harmful than beneficial to software startups?

Many people including myself agree that the cash investment from incubators, angel investors and any other type of investment have its benefits. When you join an incubator and/or get angel investors on board, you could also get great resources in the manner of experienced advice, partnerships, networking, free services, etc… maybe.

However, the fact that you do get cash is probably more harmful than not, in my own humble opinion. Yes, at some point you might need cash to grow IF you start getting successful and you need to invest in resources such as people and hardware to keep up with demand for your product or service. Advice from experienced people and potential customers is what you need when you are in the idea phase or just starting to develop your product, you don’t really need money at this point; you see, money in very early stages can make people lazy and feel as if they have accomplished something… when they haven’t, at least nothing that matters such as getting paying customers or releasing a product.Sigue leyendo “Are incubators and Angel money more harmful than beneficial to software startups?”

Looking for a Co-Founder in Austin? We have a Meetup for you!

The second Co-Founders Meetup happened this past Thursday, February, 17 and it was a good turn over; 65 people showed up forming a good crowd of entrepreneurs and techies. We had 9 people pitch their startups, and looking for everything from developers, designers, marketing and sales people.

The goal of this meetup is to get the techies and the business types in one room and let them talk to each other. Yes, when we all get along and hang out together, great things happen!Sigue leyendo “Looking for a Co-Founder in Austin? We have a Meetup for you!”