Practice your pitch and find a co-founder!

Networking before the pitchesThe title of this post says it all. The next Austin Co-founders Meetup is on Tuesday October 11th from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

This meetup has the goal to bring entrepreneurs and techies together so they can work with each other in awesome Austin startups. Is not all techies and entrepreneurs, there are also angel investors, and people with skills in sales, marketing and business in general.

The format: 10 speaking slots available (3 minutes each) for startups looking for co-founders.

Please read these rules and contact the organizer if you have a startup and are looking for a co-founder.

If you are a software developer interested in joining a cool startup, you can attend for FREE. Just e-mail me or leave a comment below with a link to your LinkedIn profile or other evidence of your technical skills.

If you are a consultant looking to sell some services to young startups, you are in the wrong place.Sigue leyendo “Practice your pitch and find a co-founder!”

The co-founders meetup is landing in Austin, TX on Dec 6th

The Austin Co-founders Meetup is all about helping business people find a technical co-founder and vice versa.

This meetup was first created in Mountain View by Alain Raynaud which is the co-founder of an awesome web app that helps recruit great founders (yes there is an app for that!).

Austin Tech Geeks is helping to create the Austin version of this meetup which is scheduled to have its first meetup on December 6, 2010.

Austin’s startup scene has grown with the help of many great local organizations such as RISE Austin, Tech Ranch, Austin Ventures, Capital Factory and many others. Proof of this growth is the number of organizations, events and meetups related to startups, and now Austin Tech Geeks is contributing by helping organize the Austin Co-Founder Meetup which is having its first meetup on December 6th 2010.Sigue leyendo “The co-founders meetup is landing in Austin, TX on Dec 6th”