Apple risks becoming the BlackBerry of 2014

So Apple, without a big-screen phone, risks becoming the BlackBerry of 2014 if it keeps its screens so small.

iPhone was once a great phone that offered the height of productivity in its day. But now its screen is too small, and its hostility to Android makes it too inflexible as a business device.

That’s why we believe Apple will come roaring back with a large-screen iPhone 6 launch this year.

Because otherwise, tiny iPhones will end up looking like dumbphones, or BlackBerrys, for business users.

~ – BusinessInsider Tech


I believe this and unless Apple does something super interesting with the iPhone, then Android phones and even Windows Phones and Blackberrys will regain some of the market share and profits they lost to Apple’s iPhone years ago.

Mark Gurman tweeted this same headline from @SAI, but the moment I tried to copy the tweet’s link it was gone, apparently he deleted it but kept his following tweet shown below:

Kindle Vending Machine – CES

The vending machine, you see, spits out the company’s Kindle e-reader tablet PCs, which is all it took to catch the attention of showgoers flying in and out of Vegas. It was Amazon’s way of taunting eager-beaver competitors who spent heavily to flog their devices to the CES masses. Like Apple, Amazon knows it will get attention for the smallest of moves. It didn’t even have to show up at CES.

But this isn’t just a nice piece of marketing. Those attendees were right to turn their heads. Though there’s nothing new about electronics vending machines, any foray by Amazon into the world of offline retail is a big deal. When Amazon ventures into the physical world — whether with in-store delivery lockers or grocery trucks or vending machines — the company’s sheer scale and ambition demand that you think in terms of world domination.

~ Marcus Wohlsen


That was a great move by Amazon, but as the article reads, the real story is how easy Amazon can dominate the offline world at any moment.

Toshiba’s 5-in-1 Computing Device Concept IS What Windows 8 Is Meant For

One of the best parts of CES are the devices that companies show off that are more or less conceptual, and may or may not ever even get made. One such gadget is the Toshiba 5-in-1 tablet, notebook, media player, drawing slate, etc. It’s sleek looking in pre-production solid aluminum, and also has a lot of potential as a flexible hybrid with a form factor that’s tailor-made for Windows 8.

~ Darrell Etherington (@drizzled)


Exactly. Windows 8 is meant for a new breed of personal computer devices and not the regular desktop PC or laptop. This is what innovation is all about and although there has been some resistance from consumers and PC manufacturers towards Windows 8, I believe it is what’s next regarding operating systems for new personal computing devices.