Apple risks becoming the BlackBerry of 2014

So Apple, without a big-screen phone, risks becoming the BlackBerry of 2014 if it keeps its screens so small.

iPhone was once a great phone that offered the height of productivity in its day. But now its screen is too small, and its hostility to Android makes it too inflexible as a business device.

That’s why we believe Apple will come roaring back with a large-screen iPhone 6 launch this year.

Because otherwise, tiny iPhones will end up looking like dumbphones, or BlackBerrys, for business users.

~ – BusinessInsider Tech


I believe this and unless Apple does something super interesting with the iPhone, then Android phones and even Windows Phones and Blackberrys will regain some of the market share and profits they lost to Apple’s iPhone years ago.

Mark Gurman tweeted this same headline from @SAI, but the moment I tried to copy the tweet’s link it was gone, apparently he deleted it but kept his following tweet shown below:

Apple Debuts new iPad Air Ad during NFL game while Microsoft’s Surface is used in half time

During Sunday’ NFL game between San Francisco 49ers and North Carolina Panthers Apple aired some TV ads showing the iPad Air as some sort of poetic, artist’s tool that can do everything from taking professional video of the Niagara Falls and working under the ocean to helping tornado chasers track a thunderstorm. Here is the video:

It is not a secret that most media outlets react to everything Apple does, and while this ad played during the NFL game there were also ads showing Microsoft’s Surface and Windows 8 on other laptops and tablets – but not many people seem to be interested about it. Then I noticed the following, all the Fox Sports NFL commentators where using Microsoft surfaces during the game’s half-time analysis – instead of iPads. This is very cool, I wonder if all the hype about Apple products is about to follow the same luck that some of their first products did when they were very popular and had awesome ads but eventually lost to Microsoft and PC manufacturers.



iPhone 6 Rumors

On Thursday, The China Post (via MacRumors) cited an analyst from Nomura Securities who asserted the iPhone 6 will continue to use an 8-megapixel sensor. Despite several minor upgrades the camera will likely receive, he believed it will not gain a higher-resolution sensor.

Also on Thursday, rumors made the rounds that Apple will be increasing its reliance on Pegatron for the next-generation iPhone production. Taiwan’s Liberty Times said Pegatron might land a contract to assemble half of the iPhone 6 supplies.

This would be a substantial upgrade for the manufacturer. Pegatron is currently responsible for the assembly of Apple’s iPad mini and iPhone 5c, while Foxconn assembles the iPhone 5s.

~ Daniel Sparks


Daniel Sparks also writes in The Motley Fool article that investors would be wise to listen to Tim Cook’s advice on reading into supply-chain rumors – really? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Meet the first person to buy an iPhone 5 C/S

Did you buy your new iPhone yet? this guy did.

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