Paul Graham on Female Founders

We’re doing the same thing for female founders. We fund more female founders than VCs do, and we help them to overcome the bias they’ll encounter among other investors. In the current YC batch, 16 out of 68 companies, or 24%, have female founders. That’s almost twice the rate at which VCs fund such companies. ~ Paul Graham.


I guess Paul had to explain himself after being accused of saying things against female founders, good call.

Austin-based startup acquired by LinkedIn

TheTechMap logoAustin-based 3-month-old startup “TheTechMap” was acquired by LinkedIn according to news released in the startup’s blog. TheTechMap offers an online community where geeks and creatives can connect with each other and help each other build amazing projects and collaborate to build amazing companies as well. It is about being in a tribe, a tribe of geeks and creatives where we help each other with our projects and ideas says one of TheTechMap’s founders Ricardo Sanchez. TheTechMap is also a great way to build and link a city’s startup ecosystem as it is the case of Austin, TX, the first city being mapped by TheTechMap.


Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs and Startups

We are going to start a new category of blog posts which will be released every week on Wednesdays, the name of this category is “Top 10” and every week we’ll add a new post displaying the top 10 items for blank. The first post for this new category is Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs. I am sure that by now most of you have already watched the movies below, if not, then I hope you take the time to watch them, they are really good and are categorized as being entrepreneurial movies for different reasons explained below.

I know that there are many really good movies that didn’t make it in this list, then again, these are the top 10 according to Please use the comment’s section to add any of your favorite entrepreneurial movies that didn’t make it to the list. If you have ideas for other top 10 lists, please let us know!

The movies are ordered by release date in ascending order:

Citizen Kane

1- Citizen Kane (1940)

Director: Orson Wells

Message: Overwhelming success sometimes brings overwhelming sacrifices.

Summary: Following the death of a publishing tycoon, news reporters scramble to discover the meaning of his final utterance.

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Austin Startup: Best new way to find storage facilities

Shopping for storage the old-fashioned way is a headache. You can easily waste hours calling facilities, getting spammed by “free quote” services or clicking through outdated websites.
New Austin-based start-up SpareFoot solves this problem by organizing every storage facility in one simple marketplace online. In just a few minutes, you can find and compare storage facilities in your area, check out photos and read customer reviews. For example, check out the Austin storage page and click on one of the available units to see the full features of this site.Sigue leyendo “Austin Startup: Best new way to find storage facilities”

Ozzie’s next Start-up –

Who’s Ozzie? Ray Ozzie the creator of Lotus Notes who took over as Microsoft’s chief software architect in 2006 is busy with a new startup called Cocomo. After first reading Inc’s article about Ray Ozzie’s new startup Cocomo I decided to do some research… and this is what I found.

It looks as the Inc article suggests that Ozzie is working in some sort of collaboration/communications tool targeted to mobile devices, and now that I write that I see a possible relationship to the name Cocomo with the words: Collaboration Comunication Mobile? or perhaps the name refers to this Cocomo:Sigue leyendo “Ozzie’s next Start-up –”