Blog more. It is good for your health

Blogging/writing is good for your health. If nothing else, you should write just because of that. Thankfully there are many other reasons why people write and if you don’t have one yet, improving your health should be enough reason to do it.

Many people don’t write because they don’t know what to write about, or feel like it will be a waste of time, they are wrong. Writing is both enjoyable and healthy not because of the words you write, but because of the process, you go through to come up with the words you are going to type. Austin Gunter from TechRanch Austin tweetedWriting really helps. It’s like Airborne for the heart.” I agree.

Writing is therapeutic. I agree with Miguel de Cervantes‘ quote: “The pen is the tongue of the mind” and this can be both good and bad, this could get you in trouble if you are not careful about the topics you write about. However, the therapeutic value will be there, always. For some, writing is a way to communicate ideas and thoughts with others in a very comfortable way… because you can read, edit, read again and edit one more time before you share it with others, you just don’t have that benefit when you are talking. So yes, the pen is the tongue of the mind but is under much more control than the mouth itself.

Writing is also one of the few if not the only way of communication that allows you to edit until you get it right. It is also the best way to create a legacy that is more permanent than almost anything else, what another legacy can you create that is as permanent as the written word? If you are writing a piece of fiction, writing is a medium that allows you to get into another world, create and control different characters, resolve issues that in the real world may seem impossible to work out, etc. Writing (and reading) fiction is a great way to escape from reality, and you don’t need any chemical substances to experience it… see, it is healthier and safer than drugs!

Writing posts in a blog give you the opportunity to save your thoughts, experiences, and learnings in a very organized way, and the best of all is that it is searchable! And you can also access your blog posts from almost anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. These days, it is difficult to find a place without an internet connection of some sort, I am writing this post as I commute in the Metro Rail from downtown Austin to the north suburbs.

Having a personal blog is a great way to write more, the cool thing is that you can write about whatever you want, it is your blog. For example, I have another blog which I mostly use to write about coding techniques, code examples, code issues, .NET related topics (yes, I am primarily a .NET developer), etc… you can write about what YOU are interested in, just write! you’ll feel better and might learn a few things in the process, I know I have.

The scientific details about why writing is healthy are here in case you are interested in some scientific research about this. However, just start writing about something, anything and don’t let the lack of a topic be what stops you from writing, just open a text editor (or pen and paper if you like) and start writing whatever words come to mind. Write about your job, about your hobbies, a novel, whatever, just write and don’t worry about the grammatical errors, or if the topic is interesting or not… who cares! the initial goal is just to write about something and experience the benefits of doing so.

If you don’t have a blog yet, create one, it is free and it takes minutes to set it up. There are many excellent blog applications out there that will help you get going in no time. And if you want to write something a little longer than a blog post, perhaps a book, then all you need is already in your computer, you just need a text editor and your favorite beverage to accompany you while you write that masterpiece. Write, have fun and improve your health.

Writing comments is also writing after all if you want to start writing as soon as possible, I invite you to write your comments and to tell us about the techniques and motivation you have to write more, and more often. Blog more. It is good for your health. Cheers.

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  1. Bravo! I to believe that writing is a finite method of expressing yourself. Although it allows the ultimate freedom in choice of topics, it has the potential to instill and cultivate a high degree of self-discipline. The act of editing, re-reading, tweeking and fine-tuning – as many times as necessary, fosters an analytical thought process. Basically it stretches the mind.

  2. it is good to blog and write, it is good for the soul and your heart. reading blogs like yours makes me so happy because you understand what it is all about. keep it up.

  3. With my husband’s recent cancer diagnosis, blogging has been very therapeutic for me. Thank you for a great post and quality information:)

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  4. I started a little over a month ago. At first I was not sure of what to write, but now I write about whatever seems interesting. It feels like there are so many topics that they’re all bubbling over. And it is so therapeutic, it’s almost addictive. I love the people that I am meeting and I feel like it’s been a really positive experience. Thanks for writing this post, I like where your head is at.

    D 🙂

  5. Blogging was a hard process for me in the beginning, but now I wonder what I would ever do without it. I think I would be so bored if I stopped. And it’s a great feeling just to get things off my mind and share them with the world.

  6. I tell people that since I can’t afford a psychologist, writing is my free therapy. I was really self-conscious when I first started blogging. Are people going to get offended? Will they criticize me? So, I started blogging for family and friends only. Then as I got more confident, I started blogging openly and for the Internet to see. It feels good to write. It’s also very good to read what others write.

  7. I love writing so much. I don’t even care if it is poetic or sonds rational, just getting things on paper is such a relief. I’ve used writing as an outlet and stress reducer since I was about 12 or 13, and I think it has saved me from many meltdowns.
    Loved the post, you are completely right, and I wish more people would write! I think this post will definitely change some minds and be the kickoff for many heathly lifestyles 🙂

  8. I think writing in general is good for you. It allows you to open your mind to something or someone that isn’t just you. It’s the same idea as going out and socializing-spread whatever you need to spread, and worry not about whether or not it’s important! I love writing personal pieces more than I do academic research, but I’ve found the correct niche of research tends to help fuel that passion to write, so it’s a cyclical process. Then again, I love socializing and drawing, too. I suppose I should say I just love the ability to express myself.

    Congrats on fresh pressed! 😀

  9. Great post. I love to write but find it increasingly difficult, once I finally get something out it is a good feeling (often squashed by worrying about what readers might think, but that passes!)

  10. Thanks for the post, this has encouraged me to write more! I agree, writing is good for our health. Blogging has helped me to write more and to reflect on many things in the process of writing. Writing helps release stress, is a great pain-reliever, and refreshing in the end. I discovered so many things to write about as I grab a pen and paper or open my laptop and start typing. Reading this was really inspiring! : )

  11. Creating a blog and writing allows me to express feelings openly but when people don’t comment I think that what I’m writing is not interesting. Blogging is like being the lonely writer without readers.

  12. I totally agree with this article. Writing has been very good for my health. It gives me a chance to get my feelings out, put them aside, then go back and review and see if I still feel the same way after a while. While I keep most things personal and private, and write about these things for my own use and purpose, I write on my blog to share and to get feedback (positive, hopefully) about things I do. It’s just a part of who I am. Liked this post!

  13. The last paragraph is really inviting! I liked that.

    Since one of the things you wanted to elicit is about what motivates “people” to write, I might as well tell mine.

    Well, I write because I wanted to share my stories (sensible/purposeful or NOT). EVERYONE has stories to tell definitely. Writing about those stories is the raison d’etre of my blog. The audience is just secondary.

    Congrats for the “FP” badge!

  14. You are so right! I had never come across the quote by Cervantes but I love the thought, thank you for sharing it. I know myself that even though I blog several times a week I do need to do more witing, it is indeed theraputic. There is a part of me that feels more fufilled when I write, as I am now!
    Then again it is good to be able to edit what you write at the same time.

  15. Can’t agree more with you. Great post.
    But always the problem is what to write about ?? If you just start putting down the words or random thoughts that comes, sometimes that may not even make sense..

    1. Yes it doesn’t make sense at first, but it helps getting those thoughts out of the mind… organizing them and putting them together in the form of a blog post is the fun process 😉

  16. I started blogging just a month ago and am addicted. Your right about fiction too. Sometimes, when the perfect paragraph falls into place or I finally find the right words in their appropriate order, I get a little squirt of dopamine and adrenaline. Completely agree.
    However, once a Blogger forgets they are writing to an audience, then reading becomes hazardous to our health.
    And many bloggers don’t realize that the primary purpose of writing is communication, a kind of mental telepathy to a reader.
    Mindlessly cataloging events and worries into words belongs in private journal and should not appear as something we are tricked into reading.

    1. Deciding on what you share with your readers is completely up to you. Writing about anything and everything has a therapeutic value, especially if you write about something that you are upset or frustrated about, whether you decide to share that with an audience or not is another topic. Thanks.

  17. I love to write, my ideas, thoughts and the things that go on in my life, I’m twelve and I’ve been writing since I can remeber, I travel alot so that is what my blog about, it’s about all the adventures I go on. I hope I get more readers.

  18. I totally agree with you. Aside from the therapeutic value of blogging/writing, it also saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars on sessions with a shrink. 😉
    I also like your Miguel Cervantes quote ‘The pen is the tongue of the mind’. I notice if you have the habit of writing, be it in a journal or composing poems, it helps your thinking process by making you sharper, more organized and creative, and you tend to have a more wholistic perspective of things in general. Now, this may or not hold true for everyone, but generally speaking it has these effects.

    Thanks for this blog!

  19. Great post. This motivates me to keep writing. Sometimes I feel shy because I assume people don’t like my writing, or the topic isn’t interesting… But you’re right, why do I have to care about what people think? I write for myself heheheh

    1. Exactly! just write and have fun doing it… do not worry about what other people think of it 😉 Also, the more you write the better you’ll get at it and the easier it would be to come up with topics. Good luck.

  20. I agree with you… and I have a friend, … and I can see her daily mood by reading her blog… because the more pressure she has… she will writes more.. 🙂 I think blogging is good and can be a therapy for certain people .. I also writing personal blog.. and I treat it as my journal so that in future my next generation can read it…. 😀

  21. Thumbs up! 🙂

    I began blogging when I was in high school, but I started with my wordpress blog only two years ago. I agree it is good for the health. It alleviates stress and gives you more freedom of expression than any other forms of communication. 🙂

  22. I have within the last month or so, started a blog; I try to at least write or post on it, once a day. I really enjoyed reading this post. My mother was a writer, she was pretty good too. The only thing about it, no one ever got the opportunity to read any of her work. Well, back in September of 2011, I lost her to cancer; it was a pretty hard pill to swallow. And, what I’ve found is that starting back to write has helped me to cope with her death. I am now, working on my blogs and writing a fiction novel; and pretty much just enjoying the writing process. I just wanted to second the motion of writing being good for your health and well-being; it really does do wonders. 🙂

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