Blog more. It is good for your health

Blogging/writing is good for your health. If nothing else, you should write just because of that. Thankfully there are many other reasons why people write and if you don’t have one yet, improving your health should be enough reason to do it.

Many people don’t write because they don’t know what to write about, or feel like it will be a waste of time, they are wrong. Writing is both enjoyable and healthy not because of the words you write, but because of the process, you go through to come up with the words you are going to type. Austin Gunter from TechRanch Austin tweetedWriting really helps. It’s like Airborne for the heart.” I agree.

Writing is therapeutic. I agree with Miguel de Cervantes‘ quote: “The pen is the tongue of the mind” and this can be both good and bad, this could get you in trouble if you are not careful about the topics you write about. However, the therapeutic value will be there, always. For some, writing is a way to communicate ideas and thoughts with others in a very comfortable way… because you can read, edit, read again and edit one more time before you share it with others, you just don’t have that benefit when you are talking. So yes, the pen is the tongue of the mind but is under much more control than the mouth itself.

Writing is also one of the few if not the only way of communication that allows you to edit until you get it right. It is also the best way to create a legacy that is more permanent than almost anything else, what another legacy can you create that is as permanent as the written word? If you are writing a piece of fiction, writing is a medium that allows you to get into another world, create and control different characters, resolve issues that in the real world may seem impossible to work out, etc. Writing (and reading) fiction is a great way to escape from reality, and you don’t need any chemical substances to experience it… see, it is healthier and safer than drugs!

Writing posts in a blog give you the opportunity to save your thoughts, experiences, and learnings in a very organized way, and the best of all is that it is searchable! And you can also access your blog posts from almost anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. These days, it is difficult to find a place without an internet connection of some sort, I am writing this post as I commute in the Metro Rail from downtown Austin to the north suburbs.

Having a personal blog is a great way to write more, the cool thing is that you can write about whatever you want, it is your blog. For example, I have another blog which I mostly use to write about coding techniques, code examples, code issues, .NET related topics (yes, I am primarily a .NET developer), etc… you can write about what YOU are interested in, just write! you’ll feel better and might learn a few things in the process, I know I have.

The scientific details about why writing is healthy are here in case you are interested in some scientific research about this. However, just start writing about something, anything and don’t let the lack of a topic be what stops you from writing, just open a text editor (or pen and paper if you like) and start writing whatever words come to mind. Write about your job, about your hobbies, a novel, whatever, just write and don’t worry about the grammatical errors, or if the topic is interesting or not… who cares! the initial goal is just to write about something and experience the benefits of doing so.

If you don’t have a blog yet, create one, it is free and it takes minutes to set it up. There are many excellent blog applications out there that will help you get going in no time. And if you want to write something a little longer than a blog post, perhaps a book, then all you need is already in your computer, you just need a text editor and your favorite beverage to accompany you while you write that masterpiece. Write, have fun and improve your health.

Writing comments is also writing after all if you want to start writing as soon as possible, I invite you to write your comments and to tell us about the techniques and motivation you have to write more, and more often. Blog more. It is good for your health. Cheers.

[Image Credit: Kristina B]

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  1. Recently I stumbled upon your site and discovered, you have an hidden Author IN You. I will be a Visitor to Quite often browse many helpful info that you provide,Book Marked,to visit again.

  2. I can’t agree more. My blog has become cathartic and my outlet for everything I have had shouting in my head for so long.
    I set my blog up a long time ago but didn’t use it very much for ages, but over the past 10 months have used it increasingly to just get things out in to the open which otherwise would be simmering away…..

  3. Thanks a lot for making a remarkable post. It inspired to pursue on this new hobby.

    Also, I do believe What is a writer without a reader. So I would put limitations on it. You’ll never know what message can it cross.

  4. long ago I can not write well, a lot of books that I have read but now I want to always try to write like what people write on his blog, thank you for your post and hopefully I was inspired to write.

  5. Writing does give me a sense of relaxation. It allows me to get away from my bodily state and into a new existence of infinite exploration. Now that iv’e read this article it makes more sense to me why i find pleasure in writing wether someone is reading it or not. IMAGINATION

  6. Writing is definitely a great outlet, and I totally agree that one of the best things about it is how you can edit until it’s perfect. I’m more eloquent in writing than I am in speaking sometimes, and it’s nice to be able to communicate confidently through my blog.

  7. How true. Writing is a process where you put your brain cells to work, you think, recollect and put your thoughts to words. You can write about your personal experiences, hobbies, sport, politics, poetry and so on. A blog is like an online diary

  8. I can totally relate to your post! I’ve been going through really tough times lately, mostly having a lot of financial problems, health problems….etc…I had started a blog last year, but it was private, sort of a diary for myself but i didnt continue it for long.. Two days ago, i thought it would really help me vent, so i re-started it, publicly, and its been amazing for my psychology. Its sort of a constructive rant i guess 🙂 This time I wont stop writing, and ill def build it up as much as possible by trying to write at least one post per day!

  9. Yes… “edit until you get it right.” I think I’ll have this be my epitaph. It’s my sword to which I will die … I once asked an old prof of mine, “how do you know when your done editing?” He said, “never, your never done editing.” The final edit has been my final edit for months. Help Obi-Wan Kenobi, help.

  10. I so so agree…………
    I started my blog because of my daughter…..was wearing her ear out! This is cheaper than therapy and a lot more fun. Just need a way of capturing my thoughts, especially when I am driving!

  11. for me, writing in blog page is one way we connect another person, with various perspective that we disscussed about. then, eventual we learn about respect with ur reader that someone might have different opinion.
    Don’t wase our times for reader by replying just because we force our opinion, what we believe, and so on. it’s time for us to learn about

    by the way.., if we get angry with someone, just write it in our blog without writing name that person we angry to? what do you think about that?

    1. Blogging is about making people have an opinion, instead of walking down the middle of the road as an indecisive bystander.
      It’s about open communication, knowing someones opinion at the click of a button and from there- the possibility of forming new ideas.
      I like to think of it as a venue of expression for the people by the people.

      I hope I was somewhat relevant!

  12. Nice post, congrats on being freshly pressed…
    Writing does help you organize your thoughts, it is not like blurting out a sentance, which technically you might even do when you are not conscious, let alone thinking straight… But to write, one has to sit down an start thinking, not Einstein’s Thought Experiment thinking perhaps, but thinking none the less… You organize your thoughts, decide that it makes sense, and than put it on paper (or in binary… whatever you like…)… That is one of the reasons I like writing, it is good exercise for the mind.
    Blog writing is also, I think, a more elegant way to share something interesting on the internet. Instead of forwarding a link to someone, or just pasting a video on facebook, you get to write about it first, and than invite someone to share the experience with you, in the context you create for it. Whether this is a photograph, a video, or a bit of information, blogging about it is more elegant than forwarding it…

  13. Great post..thank you for the was really interesting to read about the science of it…I only started my blog about a month and a half ago but I already feel the effect… I think writing makes you feel good because it makes you sit down and deal with something…a problem..a passion…a set time aside to process it and that helps..
    thanx again for the inspiration

  14. really loved this post. ..i have started up a blog and for sometime, i posted very frequently, but now the pace is decelerating. I often stop to think what I am doing and then wait for a few days to understand. The same phase is on right now. It really depends on the performance of your last post, how soon you write next. Anyways, this post has really been an inspiring one…dat no matter what, one should write, write your heart out to stay fit and fine.

  15. This is great, it has given me so many reasons to write and ideas on what to write. I have been thinking that no one would want to read anything that I would write but this has made me relize I dont have to write for anyone other than myself. The satisfaction of knowing I did it is enough, anything after that is a bonus. I never was good at spelling or putting words together when I was a kid at school. I know now that it is as easy as just writing what you think. The fact that I am writing what I am thinking right now is proof that I can do it. Thank you so much for this blog.

  16. Can’t agree with you more on this topic. Initially I was really hesitant to blog and when I did start blogging, I thought I was writing crap and was not willing to share with people around me. Then realized that people are in-fact interested in knowing what someone is going through at work/life or some random thoughts. There are several benefits to blogging like, sharing of ideas, exploring the ideas and more importantly, one shall get to know more about something that one has written about via blogging. So, all in all, it can have any adverse effect on the individual, and yes it is almost a must for any individual in this information centric era.

  17. I have really enjoyied reading your well written article. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!

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